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MS Achievement Center Weekly Wellness Program

The MS Achievement Center is managed and services provided by the University of Kansas Medical Center staff. The Friends of the MS Achievement Center 501c3 supports the KUMSAC through fundraising and advocacy.


Members come to the MSAC one day per week and participate in small groups facilitated by therapists, a social worker and health profession students. All of our services happen in a group setting; members are in groups of 6-10 that rotate through the activities together. This format builds connection and support among the members and gives the opportunity to do targeted work that is less costly than private therapy.

Here's what a day at the MSAC looks like...


Research has shown that the best way to fight MS is to stay active! Members are guided through activities designed to maintain mobility and function.

Connections Group

Gather with others who have MS to encourage each other to reach goals and live your best lives.

Facilitated by a social worker, but powered by group participation.

Elective Classes
Staff and guest instructors in a variety of disciplines help members learn new ways to pursue healthy lifestyles. Try yoga, tai chi, book clubs, gardening or a rousing discussion of current events. Staying active is fun and great for enhancing cognitive function and creativity!
Occupational Therapy​

Maximize your function so that you can perform activities of daily living.  We do this through games, exercises and activities led by an Occupational Therapist and students.

Brain Balance

You have to use it not to lose it!  Members do a variety of group and individual activities designed to keep the brain active, maintain memory and develop new skills.

Who Can Join?​

The MSAC is for those who are:

  • Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and at least 18 years of age

  • Experiencing physical or cognitive disability that limits work or daily activities

  • Able to communicate basic daily needs: thirst, hunger, toileting needs, pain

  • Willing and able to participate and engage in all aspects of the program

  • Free of uncontrolled wandering

  • Able to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and is committed to regular attendance

  • Has reliable transportation

  • Able to abide by the guidelines in the  MS Acheivement Center Handbook

Ready to Join?

We have a place for you! Get more information about cost and the process to join MSAC here.

Weather Closing Policy


If the Shawnee Mission School District closes due to weather or road conditions, the MSAC will not hold programming that day. We will update members via our Facebook group, text messages and emails.

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