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Building strength

Maximizing independence

Creating connection

Coming soon Feb. 25...


Get ready to ride, donate, raise funds - ALL for individuals with progressed MS to experience an amazing program that gives them connection, support and resources! More info here...

The MS Achievement Center enhances the quality of life for people with progressed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We provide a comprehensive program of physical rehabilitation, emotional support, social connection and health education for members and their families. The program helps participants optimize their ability, move toward acceptance of their limitations and take charge of their own lives.


Our goal is to provide opportunities for individuals with MS to live to their fullest potential! 

For anyone who is traveling the journey of progressed MS and looking for connection and support, we invite you to join our MSAC community.

We have openings for new members on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. Please email Erin Major, program manager, for more information.

MSAC member Christina shares her journey - from MS diagnosis to finding the MSAC.

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