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Looking back at 2023


When you ask MSAC members what they most look forward to each week, it's connecting with staff, with students, with each other! The MSAC connects our members with a wellness program that looks out for their physical, mental and emotional health. Your gifts to the MSAC this past year are giving people facing the challenges of MS this much-needed connection.

EAT BID LAUGH ~ DERBY STYLE brought together more than 150 people to celebrate the MSAC and our members. Thanks to generous donors, auction buyers, attendees and sponsors, our members will continue building their strength and independence at the MSAC!

THANK YOU for raising your hands to make a difference for individuals with MS! Thanks to your generosity, we have room for even more people to benefit from the expertise, resources and connection that are shared at the MS Achievement Center!

Mark your calendars for our 26th Annual stationary bike race! Pedal in place to make a difference for people with progressed MS! SATURDAY | FEBRUARY 24, 2024

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