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Jeff was slowly disappearing

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Diagnosed with primary progressive MS in 2011, Jeff has the “bad” kind of MS. In the eight short years since his diagnosis he has left his career, moved to a new city to be closer to his doctors, transitioned from breadwinner to watching his wife Leslie take over that role and become his caregiver.

That’s a lot of change. Jeff and Leslie were trying to navigate that change when they heard about the MS Achievement Center.

Joining the MS Achievement Center takes people with MS from isolation and increasing disability, to deep connection and a life of quality and purpose.

That’s what we are all looking for isn’t it? A place to belong, to grow into who we were meant to be? To live to our fullest potential?

Jeff’s story is not unlike dozens of others. Individuals whose life was turned upside down with the diagnosis of MS; who had to reinvent themselves with new expectations, new limitations, new challenges.

Jeff’s story is on a positive trajectory, because compassionate individuals make the MS Achievement Center a priority for their giving. Jeff now has a purpose and a place to belong. “How I’ve seen him change from before the MSAC is exponential. It gives him purpose, makes him accountable. It makes him, him.” Leslie explains, “Because it seems like he was kind of disappearing for a while.”

But Jeff’s journey is not done. He continues to work every day to maintain function, to fight the effects of MS. His MS doesn’t take a break, and neither can we. Jeff and the other MSAC members come each week to work on strengthening themselves in a supportive community. They don’t take break. They keep pushing forward.

That’s why the MS Achievement Center at KU is so special. No other program in the country does what we do. No one. Some come close. But there is no other program doing what MS Achievement Center at KU does.

That’s because it is expensive. It is costly to provide doctorate level therapists to work with our members every week. And our members are worth it!

It is costly to have someone with a Master of Social Work leading our support group. And our members are worth every penny we invest in them!

You want the very best for your friends and family. You want the highest level of care, education, and support. That’s what we want for our MSAC family. They deserve it!

Jeff didn’t do anything to bring on MS. Our members didn’t do anything to deserve MS or the disability it causes. They do deserve our unconditional love and support.

The MS Achievement Center wouldn’t be here for Jeff and Leslie if it weren’t for our donors. They make it possible for Jeff to become who he was meant to be, to find his identity and purpose as someone living with progressed MS.

There is nothing you can do to take their disease away. You can’t undo living with MS. But you have the power to improve the quality of life for someone living with the devastating effects of MS.

Will you donate today to support Jeff and the other members?

You have the power to make a life-changing impact on an individual like Jeff struggling every day to maintain their physical function, to cope with the depression MS can cause.

There are a lot of things you can’t control in this world. But this is one thing you can do that has an immediate and life-changing impact. This matters. Donate Today.

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